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Are You Ready?

When preparing to do any task in life, you must first ask yourself if you’re ready. The same goes for our walk with Christ. In life we must be willing to not only listen to the commandments of Christ, but also speak about him to community that surrounds us. Furthermore, we must block out the worldly perception of ourself and see ourselves as God sees us, so that we can make the ultimate decision to follow him. Join us as we start our newest sermon that will cover:

Ready To Listen Sermon
Are You Ready to Listen? : View
Are You Ready to See What I See: View

Previous Sermon Series
Used By You

Throughout the Bible, you can find numerous examples how God’s people decided to be Used by Him. During this six week study, we will walk through how we can better be used by God in the fullest sense possible. From self examination to lessons learned from Biblical examples, you won’t want to miss this sermon series by Jacob Forman.

He is The Potter, We Are The Clay: View
David’s Faith: View
Gideon’s Battle: View
Rahab’s Faith: View
The Mirror of Truth: View
Christ, The Example: View

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