Our Belief

The Lord’s Way

Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains Church of Christ. We are a fellowship of believers who share a common belief, love, and commitment to being Christians who glorify God in our lives and worship. Our creed is God’s Word, therefore, we strive to live, to worship, and to organize His church family accordingly. We are served by elders (spiritual shepherds) who are selected to implement two biblical aims:   (1) leading our community of believers in their spiritual growth and (2) reaching out to others, increasing thereby the number of believers who are added by Christ to His church family.  Meeting together each Sunday (and on Wednesday evening) furthers these aims as we worship, study, and enjoy fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have programs here and abroad designed to reach those who are would-be seekers of Christ—people who feel lost and wish to be found as Christians.  People who say, “What shall we do to be recognized by the Savior as His followers?”  This website will help you to find your your place in our community as you seek to serve our God. 

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