The Promises of god

The Promises of God

The promises of God are timeless. As we have already seen, what was true in Solomon’s time was true back to the beginning and will hold true to the end. Both covenants promise His promises will be fulfilled. This has buoyed up the struggling, hurting, otherworldly-minded children of God time immemorial.

The promises of God are limitless. Consider that word “all.” How many promises does God make in Scripture? Some count as many as 3,000, but it is difficult to find an exact figure. Yet, here is what we do know. He has kept, is keeping, and will keep every one of them.

You and I have failed too often regarding promises we make! Contrast that with God’s promises. They help us reconcile our past, reinforce our present, and revel in our future!

— Neal Pollard

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