Polishing The Pulpit


We did and invited a speaker to discuss sermon preparation and give sample sermons. Interest increased; more speakers were invited. We moved to a hotel conference area. We dreamed big. “Let’s invite the best speakers in the brotherhood and see who we can get.” They came. Wives wanted in, so we added women’s classes. While these great speakers were assembled in one place, we decided to offer classes for elders. They loved it. People began coming from all over the country.

Youth workers and deacons became interested. We added tracks for them. PTP moved to a larger event center in the Smoky Mountains. Attendance approached 1,000. Christians from other nations began coming.

“Why don’t you have classes for regular members?” we were asked. So we added the Spiritual Renewal Weekend, as well as tracks for members, teens, and children. Attendance passed 5,000.

That brings us to today. What does God have in store for PTP? Come and see!

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